10 best ebook reader android apps of my choice

To get the right eBook reader is quite difficult. As there are many eBook reader apps in market. Like Aldiko Reader, FB Reader, Kindle and Nook etc. But there are lot of smaller names that people don’t generally knows about. Now the question is that what is eBook Reader? We can define it is software which lets you to read your favorite book on your Android phone. Here we are exploring top ten best eBook Reader apps.

  1. Kindle:Kindle-2


It’s the best eBook reading app that gratifies to its reader’s taste. You can browse any book, magazine or online books through this app. It ever fails to satisfy its user. It always complements your reading pleasure as it includes a built-in dictionary, Google Search, and Wikipedia access. You can read literally millions of free books on your Android.

This app is free of cost. You can get the Kindle app from the Android Market.

  1. Aldiko Book Reader

Aldiko Book Reader-1

Aldiko Book Reader-2

Aldiko Book Reader is one of the top app. This reader has over 10 million downloads to date. It supports almost all eBook formats, counting Adobe DRM encrypted books. This app comes pre-installed on a number of Android devices. This app allows simple user interface. It’s very simple to use. You can get this app free from Google play store at any time.

  1. FBReader



This app emphasis on comfort of the reader. It works very well as a standalone reader with all the features you’d need to read comfortably. FBReader can handle to import a large collection. In this we can see basic themes and options for document pages as we have in such as sepia and wood. This App can also be downloaded in your android smartphone from Google play.

  1. Google Play Books

Google Play Books

Google Play Books-2

Google Play Books app is one of the best and top eBook reader. It makes reading better and easy. This app is all about books and Google services. This app is different from other eBook reading apps as it utter the number of downloadable books. This app provides you vast library and public material which couldn’t be found anywhere. So what are you waiting for just go and get the Google Books app from the Android Market.

  1. Better World eReader

Better World eReader

Better World eReader

This app is a comparatively new offering in the Google Play Store. So far people have positive feedback toward this app. This app is basically linked to well-known online bookstore a website called Better World Books. This app is slowly adding more eBooks to their listing. However if you can’t wait for the bookstore to improve and add more books in it, you can always import your books into Better World eReader.This app is available in Google market place.

  1. Mantano Ebook Reader

Mantano Ebook Reader

Mantano Ebook Reader-2

Montano eBook Reader is another best app. This app is commonly used by readers. Mantano is considering being the best because of its special features. This app includes a mass service to sync books everywhere on platforms. It is similar to Kindle’s Whisper sync. It also includes organizational and reading features. It’s more friendly and comfortable eBook reader. You can try its free version before buying it.

  1. NOOK for Android by B&N

NOOK – Read Books & Magazines

NOOK – Read Books & Magazines-2

Its well-known Kindle Reader app for Android. Barnes and Noble are doing the same thing. This application runs on any android phone, so you don’t need to own a NOOK tablet. You can have your very own library at your fingerprints through this app. This app can easily mark your favourite magazine subscriptions like US Weekly, National Geographic, and The Oprah Magazine. This app is available free of cost on 14-day trial period. It has quite simple user interface which users love and adore. You can get the NOOK for Android by B&N app from the Android Market.

  1. Moon+ Reader

Moon+ Reader

Moon+ Reader-2

Moon+ Reader is a very highly rated eBook Reader app. It has all the bells and whistles to make this app interesting. It includes lots of themes which support various eBook formats, good looks and good performance. You can try its trial version or also its paid version is available. This app is available in 40 languages.

  1. Fabrik (cloud eBook reader)

Fabrik (cloud ebook reader)

Fabrik (cloud ebook reader)-2

Fabrik is one of the most unique eBook Readers. This app has entire support for Drop-box and Google Drive. So you can store your books on the cloud and use this reader to read them. This feature makes this app more reliable and worthy. It’s free and you should try this one to put your books on its store. This app is capable of storing books in stylish formats. Get it on Google Play for free.

  1. Cool Reader

Cool Reader

Cool Reader-2


Cool Reader is a quite complete eBook Reader. New eBook fans can grasp how to use it, but it’s definitely not the simple interface as other apps. It gives a number of theming and text choices as well as a little more improved interface. This is very easy to use.

Above is the list of all top eBook reader apps. Check out these eBook readers for your android and keep reading your books with ease and comfort. So now it’s time to choose best for you.

source: Google Play

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